Welcome , Eduzi Academy Eduzi Academy launches its next cohort of its flagship job oriented training programme “Credit Analyst Program”.


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Credit Analyst

Credit Analyst Program

Eduzi Academy launches its next cohort of its flagship job oriented training programme “Credit Analyst Program”.

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Help To Reach Goal

This program helps students, freshers’ and working professionals to get into Credit Analyst/Risk Analyst/Rating Analyst/Research Analyst jobs in top banks and MNCs’ in India.

Collaboration With Professionals

The program is offered in collaboration with leading top level professionals from industry giants and MNC’s such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barclays, Nomura, CRISIL, Axis Bank and many more.

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Highlights of the program

  • Helps you to get a “Credit Analyst” job in reputed Banks, Financial Institutions, and MNC’s.

    • We start from basics of what credit analysis is and make you understand the whole gamut of credit risk. We teach you right from the guiding principles to advanced concepts with Indian and international banking backdrop. We help you in locating the hot jobs in the market and hand hold you until you bag them.
  • Online Live Classes

    • Mode of instruction is via Live Online classes – This provides opportunities for the students to clarify doubts and interact with the instructors leading to the best learning outcomes.
  • Not your traditional normal class room training

    • Our classes are not taken by regular college/university professors but by real and highly successful working professionals from large MNC’s like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barclays, Nomura, CRISIL, Axis Bank and many more.
  • Case study approach

    • First of all this is not a traditional course. All concepts are explained using case study methodology. The instructors use real world examples to drill the concepts. With this practical style, you will be able to understand better and feel more comfortable with the concepts and more confident when you attend interviews.
  • Capstone Project

    • During the course, we encourage the students to undertake a project and do a deep dive analysis simultaneously while attending classes. This project would be under the guidance of the instructors/mentors and would be add great value to your resume and a very strong taking point in your interview.
  • Financial Modelling workshop

    • Financial modelling is one of the core skills required for profiles like Credit appraisal, Investment Banking, Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Project Finance, Credit Research, Financial Planning & Analysis etc. This program offers financial modelling workshop which focuses on building skills in MS Excel, Financial Statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Cash flow and fund flow analysis.

  • Mock Interviews

    • Our forte is our highly successful real world professionals who would be the instructors. These people on a regular basis also hire for their companies and have taken numerous interviews for prospective job candidates in their respective companies. We take dedicated sessions where there would be mock interviews which would simulate the real interviews and would prepare you better for facing interviews with poise and confidence.
  • Real work environment simulation

    • Our instructors use a real world case study approach and teach you by stimulating real work environment where you would actually get a hands-on feel of how the real credit analyst works and kind of environment he faces on a day to day basis.
  • Job Readiness

    • We prepare you to identify and achieve good and reputed jobs in various banks, NBFCs and start-ups through resume-enhancing workshops, interview prep sessions and mentorship.
  • Mentorship

    • Individual program mentors support you through the course and forge collaborative relationships.
  • Certificate

After completing this course, you’ll be rewarded with an industry-recognized certificate of Excellence in credit risk and underwriting. The certification is representative of the skills and knowledge you’ve imbibed during this course, and can be used to bolster your portfolio and resume.




frequently asked questions, get knowledge befere hand

The Credit Analyst Program is a 3 month (weekend) program delivered online. Live classes by expert faculty offer real-time learning and interaction among batch mates. Class schedule is fixed, and you are required to be available for your classes at the scheduled time each week. Recordings will be provided in case you miss your class on any particular day.

Eduzi Academy is one of the fastest growing up skilling and job training Edtech platforms offering its flagship course “Credit Analyst Program”. The program differentiates with others in the market with its holistic and comprehensive nature of its program and by being taught by highly successful real professionals from leading banks, FIs, NBFCs and MNC’s. Also it is not taught in a theoretical/ traditional manner but is well known for its practical style which includes numerous real world cases. It provides an in-depth coverage and a deep understanding of credit appraisal and analysis. The program covers more than any other credit risk program, giving you a Indian and global perspective on credit risk management and preparing you to be a highly successful credit analyst.

The Credit Analyst Program is a three-month program, and is to be completed part-time (on weekends) online.

Following the successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the “Credit Analyst Program” certification, branded by Eduzi Academy. This program is growing at a very fast pace and is recognisable across banks and MNCs.

The curriculum covers foundation to advanced topics. The program is rigorous and requires a time commitment from any participant (about 8-12 hours a week, including lecture delivery hours, assignments and pre-reading).

No, we don’t guarantee placements. But we will handhold the student until he/she gets credit analyst role in a reputed bank, NBFC or a MNC. Apart from rigorous training on credit analysis basics and advanced concepts, handholding also includes making the student job ready in a holistic way. We provide guidance right from preparation of Resume/Linkedin profile, update the student with all the hot credit jobs in the current market, undertake mock tests and interviews and mentor the students for a high interview success perspective.

1) The term credit analyst refers to a financial professional who assesses the creditworthiness of securities, individuals, or companies. Credit analysts determine the likelihood that a borrower can repay their financial obligations by reviewing their business, financial and management risk profiles and determining whether the state of the subject's financial health and the economic conditions are favourable to repayment.

2) Credit analysis is one of the most enriching career options for a professional wanting to pursue a career in finance. The job requires sharp analytical skills and a keen interest to analyse financials and operational information pertaining to a company. It provides you an opportunity to take part in discussions with the top management of the client and conduct independent research to make an overall assessment of the credit profile of the borrower.

3) A credit analyst analyses financial information from various sources (company balance sheets, news reports, etc) and assesses the risk of issuing credit to the client. These professionals are mostly employed in corporate lending arms of banks, investment banks, credit rating agencies, financial institutions, mutual fund houses, and private equity firms

1) A typical credit analyst rises to the position of senior analyst wherein he/she spearheads the assignment. With more experience, the analyst moves up to the managerial level, handling teams of analysts and looking after certain industries/sectors. The right candidate can rise to top management level. If you have the right qualifications, the right attitude, ambition and proven capability, you can reach a top management position, like MD or CEO. As you go along, there are immense opportunities.

2) Credit analysts are widely sought after by banks, financial institutions, investment banks, private equity players, mutual fund houses, etc.

Preferably an MBA in Finance or a CA. Then, there are add-on qualifications, such as CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and FRM (Financial Risk Management) that employees earn to get an edge in the job market.

We can’t say that for sure. It is a little specialised and requires dedication, hard work and a flair for analysis as well as the ability to understand businesses. Exposure to accountancy helps people perform but once students (with a non-commerce background) do our program, they catch up. Analysts with an engineering background also tend to perform well as they can appreciate the manufacturing process and have good quantitative and analytical skills.

We will screen the students initially and see the fitment of the credit analyst profile. Please send us basic details like Name, Age, Qualification, Job experience to +91-7997-79972 via whatsapp. We will get in touch with you and undertake a screening after which you can proceed with the payment of the fees. Screening is done to ensure best results of our program.

Eduzi is offering high discount on the current cohort of program. The current program’s original cost is Rs.60,000/- and after discount we are offering the same at a unbelievable price of Rs.14,999/-. You can pay via bank transfer, Gpay, Paytm etc,.







Introduction to Credit Analyst Program



Overview of Credit Analyst, stake holders, Banks, Policies, End to end Process flow



Types of loans; Credit analyst v/s Relationship Team.



 Info required, Info collection, Management meeting.



Learning Financial Statements (Basics)- P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flow and Ratio Analysis



Learning Financial Statements (Advanced) - P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flow and Ratio Analysis



Detailed Credit Appraisal Process - Components



Detailed Credit Appraisal Process - Components



Detailed Credit Appraisal Process - Components



Sanctioning Authority, Approval, Rejection, Structuring, Sanction Letter and Disbursement.



Credit Ratings I



Credit Ratings II



Research Tools - Probe42, Data bases shared, CRILC, Google etc,.



Portfolio Monitoring, Early Warning Systems, NPA, Recovery and Delinquency, IFRS9



Various Exams and useful certifications



Introduction to Stock Market and Bond Markets



Resume + Linkedin Building Session



Interview Basics + Skills



Case Study - Term Loan



Case Study - WC Loan



Case Study - Non Fund Based



Case Study - Credit Rating



Mock - Exam



Mock – Interviews

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WHAT CAREER SUPPORT WILL I GET? – If you’re looking to land a job in the lending industry, then this is the right course for you. Designed to enhance credit appraisal, business and analytical skills as well as provide an overview of the Banking, NBFC and Credit spheres, this course is super-charged to help you meet and exceed your prospective employer expectations.

What will You Get?

  • Profile Enhancement : Advice and tips from current professionals from leading banks, FI’s and MNC’s will allow you to land credit analyst job in any leading company.
  • Resume Building : Eduzi team will help you redesign your CV so that all your skills and experiences are showcased in the best light.
  • Interview Preparation : Mock interviews, panel discussions and access to even the toughest Q&As prepare you to face interviewers and HR interviews with confidence.